How to make medical marijuana capsules.

Medical Marijuana Capsules

Making medical marijuana capsules, is a great way to medicate, without the alleged side-effects of smoking, and without anyone needing to know you are medicating. Since medical marijuana capsules are ingested orally, like any other pill, there is no smelly smoke to draw unwanted attention.

There are some serious advantages and disadvantages, of taking marijuana capsules vs. smoking it.

Let’s compare some of the differences in taking marijuana capsules, versus smoking medical marijuana.

  • Smoking marijuana gives almost instant medical results (you feel it immediately after smoking)
  • Taking medical marijuana capsules, may take an hour or more to begin working.
  • Capsules are not smoked – no harm to lungs – at all!
  • In a marijuana capsule, you get ALL of the plants benefits, including the beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds that are “burned up” in the smoking process and destroyed.
  • Marijuana capsules are discreet! No one knows what you are taking, unless you tell them.
  • Smoking marijuana is easier. The marijuana capsules need to be pre-made, a rolled marijuana “joint” or a pipe, takes almost no time to put together.

Smokeless Medical Marijuana Capsules

It has been said by numerous people in the medical field, that if marijuana has any draw-backs (medically speaking) it would be related to the actual smoke involved in using it, and not the herb/plant itself. The plant is natural, smoke on the other hand is not natural.

The cannabis capsule recipe:

To make medical marijuana capsules, you will need:

  • 3-6 Grams Medical Marijuana
  • 24-36 Empty Gel-caps
  • Herbal Capsule Maker
  • 7 Grams Coconut Oil/Per Gram of Meds
  • Crock Pot
  • Couple Dishes



Directions for making medical marijuana capsules:

First, grind your medical marijuana up very small. If you have a coffee grinder, use it to grind the material up very fine.

Next, measure out your coconut oil, 7 grams/gram of herb material. Place the coconut oil in the glass dish, and place it in the pre-heated crock-pot. Allow this oil to get hot and then place your ground up medical marijuana into the dish with it. Place lid over crock-pot and cook for 2 hours on low setting.  Turn off heat and allow to cool for half-hour.

While material is cooking, prepare your empty gelatine capsules by opening them and putting the 2 halves into the proper sides of the capsule making machine. The small sides go on the top, larger sides on the bottom of the capsule machine.

Now take your still warm, but not hot, dish out of the crock-pot, and using a spoon, spoon the material over your capsule machine that is full of empty gelatine capsules. Swipe away any excessive material with the card that comes with the machine (or use a credit card) and place it into a bowl. Using the packing tool, pack the material into the gel-caps, and fill again with material/oil mix. Again swipe away any extra oil and material, before placing the two halves of the capsule machine together, and snapping it shut.  Once you read the directions that came with the machine, you should be able to do it with ease.

Once you snap the two halves of the capsules together, you simply pull the machine apart and press in on the center to pop the full capsules out. I like to pop them out onto a paper-towel covered dish, before wiping them off and putting them in a dark coloured medicine bottle for storage.

There are several recipes for making medical marijuana capsules on the internet, this is just an example of one of them, using tools we had around the kitchen, and a Capsule Machine that can be purchased at the link below, along with the empty gel-caps. We recommend using “OO” sized capsules.

For the above recipe we used 6 grams material, and 28 grams coconut oil, which yielded us 36 capsules. Suggested dosage is 1-2 capsules, depending on strain, quality and users experience level. It may take up 1.5 hours (sometime longer) to feel the effect of these capsules, which should last from 4-8 hours again depending on dosage, and other factors.

*** An additional step is preferred in making medical marijuana capsules: After infusing the cannabis into the coconut oil, and after cooling enough to touch, you should strain the plant material out of the coconut oil using a handkerchief or strainer, and then put the oil in the capsules and discard the plant material. The cannabinoids will be infused into the oil, and the plant material will hold minimum psychoactive material at this point. This will also result in a “cleaner” capsule, with less stomach irritation occurring.

This recipe should not be used to replace medical care, and we take no responsibility for your use of it. It is simply a recipe for herbal capsules, in which no actual “marijuana” was used. If real marijuana were used in this recipe, we would highly encourage you follow all local laws, and do not operate a motor vehicle or machinery while using ANY herbal supplement you are not familiar with.

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